Wild-Harvested Amazonian White Clay

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What is Amazonian White Clay?

After floods of the rainy season - from late November to February - and the high-water season - from March to May - the Amazon rivers rise and flood the low-lying forests. From June to August, floodwater begins to drain, leaving behind a nutrient-rich soil throughout the banks of the Amazon River, beaches, and islands.

In the Amazon, the soil's particle size decreases significantly with increasing soil depth. Amazonian White Clay is found within inches of the top soil.

Amazonian White Clay is NOT actually white. Color varies from pale yellow, greenish to light to medium gray, depending on the part of the forest from which it was harvested and the soil composition in that location. If you find any Amazon White Clay that is really paper white, it is NOT real Amazonian White Clay!

Amazonian White Clay is nutrient-rich.

Contains Iron, an essential nutrient for skin beauty. Iron carries oxygen to all the cells of the body, ensuring that the cells "breathe." When iron is lacking, not only does the cell not breathe, it does not have the energy to get rid of the toxins skin acquires daily. The toxins will accumulate until a skin disease develops.
Contains Boron, which helps absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D protects the skin against infections, reduces psoriasis lesions, helps repair skin damage, and rejuvenates the skin.
Contains Potassium, an element that is present in higher concentrations in muscle and nerve cells. It is responsible for keeping our body hydrated, maintaining muscle contraction and heart function, and in the transmission of nerve impulses. It also helps regulate pressure between the inside and outside of cells, a fundamental process for expelling toxins accumulated in the cell membranes and avoiding premature cell death.
Contains Calcium, which acts as a regulator in many cellular processes, such as differentiation and cell division, meaning it is essential for skin renewal. It also helps restore natural skin lipid membrane, thereby preventing dryness and dehydration and aiding in the recovery of skin after treatments like peels or lasers or after exposure to the elements. Plus, calcium regulates the normalization of skin color (helps in lightening spots) and also assists in the production of natural antioxidants of the skin, which slow the environmental and chronological aging.
Contains Sulfur, which is sometimes called the "beauty mineral" because it helps the complexion and skin stay clear and youthful. It is present in two B vitamins: thiamine and biotin. Thiamine is fundamental for healthy skin and biotin for healthy hair. Sulfur also plays an important role in enzyme reactions and in the synthesis of collagen. It is also present in keratin, which is necessary for the maintenance of the skin, hair, and nails and helps to give strength, shape, and hardness to these protein tissues. Antiseptic and germicidal, sulfur also helps control inflammation caused by microorganism growth on wounds and acne.
Amazon White Clay is a great ingredient for facial and hair masks, creams, lotions, soaps, cleansers, and body scrubs.

It has skin-lifting and revitalizing properties and helps to reduce wrinkles, making it perfect for use in face masks.

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