Certified Organic Unrefined Argan Oil

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Product Description

Unrefined, undiluted, Organic Argan Oil pressed from the fruits of the Argan (Argania spinosa) from Morocco.
  • Argan Oil has extraordinary nourishing and moisturizing properties. High in omegas 6 and 9, Argan Oil is widely used to deeply nourish and moisturize dry skin and to help heal eczema, psoriasis, acne, and sun-related skin damage such as sun spots and scaling.
  • Argan Oil has a great amount of phenols with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  It helps to control common skin disorders such as eczema, blemishes, sores, and psoriasis. Applied to wounds, it helps speed the formation of scar tissue.  
  • It is an extraordinary year-round skin moisturizer, helping to seal in moisture and soothe dry skin. It absorbs quickly, minimizing lines and wrinkles, nourishing and moisturizing, restoring elasticity and texture, reducing redness and irritation, and neutralizing free radicals.
  • Argan Oil's high concentration of vitamin E protects skin cells from the damaging effects of oxidation, smoothing lines and wrinkles and helping to improve overall quality of the skin.

  • Applied either directly to the hair or added to hair formulations, Argan Oil helps to revitalize the roots, heals scalp disorders and hair loss, hydrates, and brings shine, controls frizz, and defines curls.
Certified Organic - QAI - Unrefined. Whole Moroccan Argan Oil for your DIY Projects.
Delight your senses with our pure, raw, unrefined butters and oils. You'll never go back to using refined ingredients again.


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    Posted by Nancy Carrozza CaraDonna on Aug 18th 2016

    This Argan Oil is like no other. It smells divine and has made my skin (face and body) better than ever. I use a few drops of this lovely oil on my hair to control frizz. No chemicals, no junk...just the good stuff. I've ordered a few oils from this company and find them to be the very best in quality.

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