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Certified Organic Unrefined Maracuja Oil

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Product Description

Source: Brazilian Cerrado, Peru, Equador
Native to Brazil, but commercially cultivated in hot areas from India to Peru, this fruit from the tropics is widely known locally for its great-tasting pulp.

The Maracuja pulp is made into juice and bottled and is largely commercialized to make smoothies, tarts, liqueurs, ice-creams, and all sort of desserts.

Until recently, the practice was to discharge the seeds after the juice extraction. Today, though, most Maracuja Oil comes from the washed and dried seeds left after juicing, which are then cold-pressed to extract one of the most extraordinary oils for the cosmetic industry.

Maracujá Oil has become such a desirable ingredient for its infinite properties, that some companies have started extracting a Prime Maracujá Oil that is only available during the start of harvesting season.

Prime Maracujá Oil is obtained by cold pressing the pulp and seeds, then separating the oil from the juice by centrifugal and decanting. This Maracujá Oil retains a higher level of Vitamin C, present mostly on the pulp of the fruit. It is available in very limited quantity since the fresh fruit is harvested only twice a year.

If you like Maracujá Oil you must try it raw and unrefined, straight from the pressing machine. The refining process destroys the color and the scent, as well as the fruit's Vitamin C content, the main source of the oil's goodness and one of its most beneficial phyto-nutrients (Vitamin C is one of the few vitamins that is destroyed by heat).

The scent of pure unrefined Maracujá Oil is divine. Citric and floral at the same time. Beautiful oil.

If you buy Maracujá Oil that is the plain color of ordinary oils and has no peculiar citric/floral scent, that means that the Maracujá Oil is refined and does not provide the benefits of Vitamin C. 

Maracujá Oil is one of the most amazing oils for using directly on the skin, as face oil or massage oil for instance, because it is relaxing and calming. It also brings shine and silkiness to hair. 

Unrefined Maracujá Oil is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, and it is exceptionally rich in linoleic acid (75%) with soothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is non-comedogenic oil that is easily absorbed by the skin.

It is an extraordinary oil for adding an extra touch of smoothness to that handmade soap or cream intended to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Maracuja Oil can be used either plain or scented, with essential oil for massage and moisturizing oil for anti-aging creams, lip balms, and soaps. Your imagination and creativity is the limit. Have fun experimenting. 

Raw organic, unrefined, yummy, heavenly, fresh-picked, citric smelling Maracuja Oil.

Our organic Maracujá Oil comes from organically grown and/or wild-harvested Maracujá fruits from Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.



  • 5
    Love this oil!

    Posted by Elena Paul on Apr 8th 2015

    This is my first purchase from this website, and the first purchase of maracuja oil. This is one is heaven, the scent is extraordinarily delicious but very soft, like the website describes. I absolutely love this oil!!!

  • 5

    Posted by T H on May 28th 2014

    This oil is simply delicious! It smells like freshly picked passionfruit, and soaks into the skin like a dream. Highly recommend!

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