Wild-Harvested Unrefined Kalahari Melon Oil

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ORIGIN: Namibia

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

The Kalahari melon (citrullus lanatus) originates from South Africa's Kalahari Desert, one of the driest locations on the planet. It is also known as the Tsamma melon or wild watermelon and is the biological ancestor of the common watermelon now found worldwide. It is a creeping annual herb with hairy stems and bright yellow flowers.

The Kalahari melon is highly adapted to surviving drought and the harsh light of the desert environment. Although found all over Southern Africa, it is most closely associated with the Kalahari sands of Namibia, Botswana, southwestern Zambia, and western Zimbabwe. It belongs to the botanical family of Cucurbitaceae.

Unlike the common watermelon, whose flesh is sweet and red, the Kalahari melon’s juicy flesh is pale yellow or green and tastes bitter. Kalahari melon fruits are small and round in the wild, but larger and oval when cultivated. They have smooth pale green skin marked with mottled bands of darker green radiating from the stalk.

The rich yellow oil of Kalahari melon seeds has been used traditionally in Southern Africa as a moisturizer to protect the skin from the sun, to promote hair growth, and as an ingredient in soap. The ground seeds also have been historically used as a cosmetic, primarily as a face and body scrub that is said to impart a blemish-free complexion to the skin.

The juicy melons, despite their bitterness, have long been a crucial source of water for desert peoples. It is said that the bushmen can survive for six weeks in the desert on Kalahari melons alone.

The seeds are also considered a delicacy and are eaten whole as a protein-rich snack food or roasted and stone ground into a coarse meal. They contain 35% protein as well as vitamins C, B2, and G, and minerals, riboflavin, and carbohydrates. 

Beauty experts consider Kalahari melon oil the latest beauty phenomenon. Thanks to its superb hydrating properties, it is hailed as the perfect cure for dry, flaky skin and brittle hair.

A natural cleanser, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil contains linolenic acid, which can help unclog pores and remove excess sebum on the surface of the skin. It also contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, which help hydrate and tighten skin, making it appear firmer and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and skin inflammation such as acne. It is also an effective conditioner for the hair and scalp that won't leave strands heavy and oily.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is as rich in nourishing omega 6 fatty acids as Evening Primrose Oil, while its antioxidants help to keep the skin glowing, youthful, and strong.

Omega 6 fatty acids stimulate skin cell growth, helping to regenerate and restructure skin cells to keep skin supple, firm, and blemish-free.

It also means Kalahari Melon Seed Oil can be effective at treating visible skin conditions and replacing damaged tissue, thus helping improve the appearance of scars.

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