Organically Cultivated Unrefined Mango Butter

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Origin:  Brazil, India, Thailand and Philippines

The mango kernels are obtained from wild-harvesting and/or organically cultivated mango fruits.  Companies use the fruits for juice-making. The seeds/kernels which were previously tossed out,  are used to make our mango butter.

Unrefined Mango Butter has a much higher content of unsaponifiable matter than the refined Mango Butter. It retains its natural regenerative properties, making it a great ingredient to be applied directly to the skin to nourish and moisturize, added to shampoos and conditioners for nourishing the hair strands, or in DIY formulations. It is a wonderful moisturizer that is ideal for dry skin, as well as for assisting in the recovery of damaged skin, because the high amount of non-fatty acids accelerates the rebuilding of injured skin tissue. 

Extracted from the kernels of mango fruits, Mango Butter is rich in essential fatty acids, especially Oleic and Stearic, and Glycerides. 

Mainly used for soap-making, Mango Butter is great when used in creams and lotions, both for hair and skin. It is rich in good fatty acids, especially stearic acid, and is an excellent emollient and moisturizer, as it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, leaving it pleasantly smooth to the touch with no oily residue.

In products for hair, the emollient, humectant properties of Mango Butter ensure nourishment and hydration, softness, shine, and silkiness. They also repair and recover the strands by rebuilding keratin and helping control frizz. 

Even though our Mango Butter is not certified, it is obtained from kernels of Certified Organic Mango Fruits, and it is fully compliant with the National Organic Program.

Unrefined Mango Butter can be applied directly to the skin and/or hair or used as an ingredient for lip balms, salves, body balms, lotions, and soaps. It can also be used in shampoos, conditioners, and pomades for nourishing and moisturizing the hair.


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