Wild-Harvested Pink Brazilian Kaolin Clay

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Product Description


Pink Brazilian Kaolin Clay is commonly made by a skillfully balanced blending of the White and Red Kaolin Clay.  The clay is rich in iron and not only absorbs toxins and excess oils, but also provides the minerals needed to return the freshness and the natural glow to your skin and hair, making both silky and soft. 

It is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.  It has healing and soothing properties.
Pink Brazilian Kaolin Clay revitalizes the skin, restores natural luminosity (brightness and vigor), increases circulation, is anti-acne and anti-seborrhea, and absolves toxins from the skin.

It is extremely gentle and can be used all day without drying the skin (such as in mineral makeup), and it is recommended for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

The Pink Clay retains the benefits of White Clay and thus has great power tensor, making it suitable for facial lifting masks.

It has skin-lifting and revitalizing properties and helps to reduce wrinkles, making it perfect for use in face masks.

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