Wild-Harvested Red Brazilian Kaolin Clay

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Product Description


Red Brazilian Kaolin Clay is very rich in iron, which is indispensable for cell oxygenation, thus contributing to a more even skin. 

As an ingredient in anti-aging treatments, Kaolin Red Clay helps to enhance cell renewal of the surface layers of the skin, thereby increasing skin elasticity and micro circulation, energizing, and soothing. 

Kaolin Red Clay promotes effective micro abrasion (soft peeling) and is especially suitable for aged sensitive skin with couperose, a skin condition similar to and often confused with rosacea.  The Red Clay has a high absorption capacity that makes it excellent at removing dirt, toxins, oil and other impurities from the skin and leaving skin soft and velvety.

Red Brazilian Kaolin Clay deep cleanses the skin and neutralizes the effects of free radicals and toxins.  Kaolin Red Clay is widely used for wound healing, as well as for easing the pain caused by joint inflammation.  Skin with points of actinic keratosis or thickened skin show a significant improvement in softness and shine when treated regularly with Kaolin Red Clay. 

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