Wild-Harvested Unrefined Andiroba/Guarana Infusion

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Product Description

This infusion is a potent ingredient for direct use in massage or in products formulated to fight cellulite.  It contains phenols that help combat swelling, so it is also a great ingredient for use in a formulation for a product intended to diminish mild swelling and/or puffiness under the eyes.

Andiroba Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that combats and prevents formation of cellulite by increasing blood flow.  This results in improved lymphatic system drainage and the break-up of fatty tissue deposits.

Endemic to the Amazon Forest, Guaraná berry is considered one of the richest naturally occurring sources of caffeine available - up to 3 times as much as coffee beans.  

The berry has a high concentration of methylxanthines, a group of chemicals found in caffeine.  Those chemicals are known for their ability to promote loss of cellulite by stimulating the breakdown of fat stores, while also reducing water retention, improving circulation and synthesis of collagen and elastin to firm the skin.  Thus, the berry is effective at decreasing the appearance of cellulite and fat dimples.

Unrefined raw oils improve skin absorption, reduce swelling, and improve blood flow, bringing more oxygenation to the cells, which in turn helps cells to burn fat.  They help recover skin elasticity, improve the look of existing cellulite and fat dimples, decrease the chances of forming new fat dimples, and leave the skin even, firm, and smooth.

Please note, this is an infusion of oil and fruit powder.  It is decanted and filtered in cotton cloth.  Some powder residue may be present.  When formulating, it is recommended that you warm up the infusion and filter through a paper filter. 

NOTE: This product is NOT recommended for people with caffeine sensitivity or during pregnancy.  Guarana has the property of stimulating the central nervous system like coffee, but 2-3 times stronger than coffee.


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