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Amazoniam Wonders: Flying Rivers By Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Wild-Harvested Unrefined Murumuru Butter

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Product Description

Source: Brazilian Amazon

Murumuru Butter is pressed from the reddish-orange fruits of the Astrocaryum Murumuru Tree. This tall palm tree is native to Peru, Brazil, and other regions of the Amazon.

Murumuru butter is rich in Vitamins A and C and omegas 3 and 6. It is a gentle moisturizer readily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin that restores elasticity and suppleness, helps to lighten sun-damage, and recovers suppleness of dull and prematurely aged skin. 

The main fatty acids found in Murumuru Butter are Lauric acid 47.46% (similar amounts of Lauric Acid are found naturally only in breast milk, which is full of important nutrients which protect newborn babies from various infections and diseases), Myristic, and Oleic acid.

The fruit kernel yields a light yellow to light tan/brown butter depending on the amount of rain, soil properties, and the level of ripeness of the fruit when the butter is made. It is similar in scent and taste to dry coconut and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily because it is rich in saturated short-chain fatty acids.

The quality and quantity of emolliency properties of Murumuru Butter is by far superior to tucumã kernel, and it has the advantage of providing greater consistency because of its melting point (33 C), which is superior to that of the tucumã palm (30 ºC) and coconut palm (22.7 ºC).

Murumuru butter has a low acidity (4% to 5%) which makes it great for use in products for sensitive skin and results in a extraordinary product when combined with other waxier butters.

It has been called “vegetable lanolin” due to its high emollient power. Murumuru gives malleability and helps to control frizzy hair and repair brittle and splits ends. It is an excellent addition to hair products intended to bring shine and malleability to the hair strands. 

Murumuru butter is also a great yummy healing moisturizing ingredient for lip balms and CP soaps.

Delight your senses with our pure, raw, unrefined butters and oils. You'll never go back to using refined ingredients again.

Fair Trade Raw! Wild Harvested

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