Wild-Harvested Unrefined Pracaxi Oil

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Product Description

Source: Brazilian Amazon

Growing throughout the northern Brazilian Amazon, Guyana,Trinidad, and some regions of Central America, this medium sized tree can be found in flooded areas bearing half-moon shaped fruit pods, 20 to 25 cm long, containing 4 to 8 seeds, from which an extraordinary oil is obtained. 

Pracaxi Oil is extracted from the seeds that fall from the Pracaxi Tree, harvested from February to May each year. It is not cultivated, therefore supply of the oil is limited to harvesting season. Celebratio Vitae Organics is a supplier of pure, unrefined, high grade Pracaxi oil

Two kilograms of seeds yields 200-300 grams of a pale yellow oil with an impressive 19% of Behenic acid (6 times higher than that of peanut oil) with antiseptic, anti fungal, anti-hemorrhagic, and moisturizing properties.

In the Amazon Jungle, Pracaxi Oil is known as "sutura da mata" (jungle suture) due to its high capacity to speed the healing of the skin tissue after cuts and scratches. 

The sudden higher demand for Pracaxi Oil is causing some to sell highly refined and/or adulterated versions of the oil, achieved by blending it with ordinary soy oil or to use low-quality seeds for their oil. The result is a Pracaxi oil with far fewer or none of the therapeutic benefits. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the therapeutic properties of Pracaxi Oil, make sure you are buying authentic UNREFINED Pracaxi Oil from a reliable source and look for the indicators. UNREFINED Pracaxi Oil is light to pale yellow (not dark brown, a sign of low quality oil made from spoiled seeds) and solidifies, like a butter, at around 65F. The seeds should also be sun-dried, which gives a slightly nutty scent, NOT machine-dried, which results in a roasted nut smell. Therefore, if you are looking for authentic Pracaxi Oil, make sure you get the real thing.

Studies of the therapeutic properties of Pracaxi Oil have been carried out using both the raw, unrefined oil as it has been used for centuries by the Amazonian populations, as well as with the highly refined oil. The results have shown that refined Pracaxi Oil loses all its therapeutic medicinal properties, thus being comparable to any ordinary oil with high Oleic acid content.

The reason is simple: during the refining process the flavanoids, the non-fatty acid content responsible for the medicinal therapeutic properties of the Pracaxi Oil, are destroyed.

Recently discovered, and studied by the scientific community, the oil has been used for effectively treating a great variety of skin disorders from psoriasis and rosacea to erysipelas (a skin infection usually caused by bacteria).

With its extraordinary capacity of cell renewal, Pracaxi Oil has also been discovered by the cosmetic industry, becoming a highly prized ingredient for skin care formulations intended to fight skin aging, hyper-pigmentation, and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Its antiseptic, anti-fungal properties also make Pracaxi Oil an excellent ingredient for products intended to treat scalp disorders, such as itchiness and dandruff. Its emollient properties make Pracaxi Oil a superb ingredient to be added to hair masques, oils, and shampoos, bringing shine, silkiness and malleability to the strands in addition to helping avoid hair loss. 

The oil also has been proven to effectively combat stretch marks and fever blisters and to speed wound healing as well as to combat hyper-pigmentation caused by skin rupture and hormonal imbalance. 

All the above mentioned properties of Pracaxi Oil have been tested and proven by several studies in which the oil was used in its purest form, the way it has been used by indigenous people: cold pressed, pure, and unrefined.

The scent is a treat in itself: nutty like fresh almonds, macadamia, and pecans (you have to restrain yourself from eating it while using!).

Pracaxi Oil is beautifully extraordinary. Use it in your formulations, from creams to balms, massage oils, and soaps. It is a great addition to products intended for babies and kids and for massages.

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