Wild-Harvested Unrefined Tucuma Butter

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Source: Brazilian Amazon

Tucuma Oil and Tucuma Butter, which are often confused, are both extracted from the fruit of the Tucuma Palm. 

Tucuma Fruit Oil is extracted from the dark orange flesh of the ripe fruit. The yellow oil is very similar to buriti oil and has one of the highest concentrations of pro vitamin A beta-carotene (52 milligrams per 100 g pulp) found in the vegetable species. It contains a much higher content of vitamin A than carrots, which provide only 6.6 milligrams per 100 g pulp. 

Our body converts beta-carotene into retinol, an active form of vitamin A which is known for its antioxidant properties. Vitamin A nourishes our skin and repairs sun damage.

Unrefined Tucuma Butter, on the other hand, is off-white and extracted from the kernel of the Tucuma fruit. The amount of vitamin A beta-carotene found in the Tucuma kernel is lower than the amount in flesh of the fruit. To increase the butter's content of Vitamin A, Tucuma Oil is added to the butter after pressing.

Unrefined Tucuma Butter is also a rich source of palmitic, stearic, oleic, and linoleic acids, which are crucial in healthy cell development, regulation of the immune system, metabolic regulation, and maintenance of healthy skin and hair. It is an excellent moisturizing and emollient butter. 

Unrefined Tucumã Butter is very similar in appearance, consistency, and properties to the Murmuru Butter. With high concentration of Lauric acid (47%), it makes an excellent choice for CP soap as well as for products intended to deeply treat distressed hair, loose, curls, and protect the hair fiber from heat styling. 

Among several advantages of using unrefined oils is that you can have beautiful colors without using synthetic and always hazardous dyes and coloring.

Beautiful, divine smelling, healthy, unrefined Tucuma Butter.

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