Increase your product line with bases formulated using our unprocessed, raw, organic ingredients.
With just a few whole ingredients, but high concentrations/ratios to deliver intense, fast, and effective results to the skin, these cream bases will be the best new addition to your product line with minimal effort.
Our cream bases are developed and tested to be scented ONLY with the use of essential oils. If you intend to use synthetic fragrances, please run a test before trying in a larger batch.
All of our bases are tested to securely hold the addition of plant oils/fixed oils and essential oils at a maximum of 2% with mostly our essential oils blends as well as most common single essential oils. These bases were not tested with the addition of synthetic oils/fragrances, so please make sure to always conduct a small test and observe and take notes for 1-2 weeks to ensure your additional ingredient(s) will not destabilize the fragile emulsification system. 
Also, please remember, our cosmetic bases are made using unrefined ingredients and don't have strong synthetic emulsifiers/thickeners/stabilizers. Therefore its behavior is unpredictable when other ingredients are added, as well as when the bases or final products, are subjected to high temperature. These bases will slightly separate  when in temperatures above 65F
We recommend adding your ingredient(s) as recommended and in a batch no larger than 2 gallons at a time.
Although our cosmetic bases can be used as-is, they were formulated with the expectation that up to 2% of the total volume would consist of some other ingredient(s) to be incorporated by the customer when finishing the product. Therefore, the visual as well as sensory properties will change in accordance with the ingredients you add. 
Due to the nature of all products we sell, we are unable to accept returns, so make sure to get samples of the product for a batch test. All our cream/cosmetic bases in sizes 1/2 gallon and over will be shipped with the Material Safety Data Sheet, the Certification of Analyses, and finishing guidelines. Samples will be shipped only with finishing guidelines.
We are here ready to answer any questions you may have concerning any of our cosmetic bases. Please, do not be shy. Just call us at (626) 319-5907 or email us at
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