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Intense and Concentrated

Our high performance products are formulated with active ingredients rich in acids and are able to deliver their benefits beyond the superficial layers of the skin. We use only wild-harvested/organically-grown botanicals in their full concentration.  These plants are already rich in phytonutrients and active chemicals naturally occurring in the ratios Mother Nature made them.  They work synergistically together to deliver a simple, pure, safe, yet powerfully effective product for the skin.
 - Our products are formulated with plant chemicals known for containing natural acids with cell renewal, moisturizing, antioxidant and whitening properties to deliver a simple, pure, safe, yet powerfully effective way to control skin hyper-pigmentation.
 - For centuries, the rain forests inhabitants have been using their knowledge of the forest plants for survival, health, and well-being. Many plants traditionally used by shamans and healers in a manner long considered nonsense, are now being validated by the scientific community worldwide. We bottled a few of these extraordinary botanicals to help heal the skin in the safest way.

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