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Amazoniam Wonders: Flying Rivers By Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

For soft, manageable, shiny, healthier, frizz-free, and smooth hair strands.

Free of synthetic/chemical ingredients found in most leave-in conditioners, this lightweight yet intense leave-in product is formulated to protect, nourish, hydrate, and untangle hair strands without the accumulative, greasy, heavy side-effects.

It contains a balanced blend of a few strong ingredients recommended for all hair challenges.  This leave-in conditioning base works fast on the hair strands, bringing elasticity, hydration, and manageability.  High in humectant and moisturizing ingredients, it helps attract and hold moisture in the hair, resulting in a stronger, more flexible hair strand.  It also aids in untangling hard-to-comb hair.

This base is great for restoring dehydrated, damaged, and chemically treated hair.  It is recommended for curly, coarse hair and for creating looser, softer curls, but will improve the quality of all types of hair.

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