Obtained by maceration of quality wild-harvested fresh botanicals (herbs, roots, fresh vegetables or fruits) in kosher vegetable glycerin (Water Soluble Glycerin Extracts), our botanical extracts are controlled at all stages of manufacturing, from harvesting to packaging.


Vegetable glycerin skincare, used in right percentage, generally at 5% – 10%, functions mostly as a humectant – drawing moisture to the skin.


At higher percentages, glycerin can do quite the opposite – drawing moisture from the skin, but it also it can function as a preservative or aid to a preservative.


Therefore you can have a functional ingredient (Glycerin) with multiple purposes: humectant and rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

For maximum therapeutic benefits, our botanical extracts are derived from freshly wild-harvested herbs in order to capture and preserve their active constituents. Alcohol Free. Propylene Glycol Free. Vegan.

Our extracts are for cosmetic use


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