1 - Our Products

Wild Harvest Botanicals is a supplier of UNREFINED, WHOLE INGREDIENTS for cosmetics manufacturing.  This means that our ingredients are expelled and processed in a manner that does not go beyond that of pressing the seeds, nuts, kernels, et al., and filtering.  We do not sell ingredients that have gone through any form of a refining process to remove what is considered “impurities” by modern consumers. These “impurities” are what make the functionality and nutrition of an oil different from others. These “impurities” are where the specific healing properties of an oil reside.

Oil characteristics such as color, odor, and taste are removed in a series of steps such as degumming (to remove waxes/gums), neutralizing (to remove FFA), bleaching (to remove color), deodorizing (to remove odor and taste), and dewaxing or winterizing (to remove waxes). Moisture, unsaponifiables, gums (lecithins), free-fatty acids (FFA), waxes, and compounds of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are also gone during the refining process.

The result is a bland oil that differentiates one from another only by the fatty acid content. The required natural synergy between the fatty acids and the removed “impurities” of an oil is the key to make it a whole ingredient with the efficiency and efficacy to be incorporated into a premium formulation.

Our ingredients are food grade. It means that most of them are processed in food facilities, but our line of business is Cosmetics. We do not sell ingredients to be consumed internally, either by itself or in food formulations.


2 – Grow Methods

Wild Harvested – The ingredient is extracted form plants that are NOT cultivated. They grow wild in pristine forests, prairies, swamps. The plants have no contact with pesticides, fungicides and pollution. Those are our ingredients of choice.  Sometimes ingredients which are made from wild-harvested plants can also carry the Organic Certification Seal.

Organically Cultivated – Ingredients are extracted from plants that are cultivated with no chemical tolerance in crops by banning artificial fertilizers. Plants are cultivated using organic natural fertilizers and farmers are encouraged to develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and clover.  Often these are ingredients that, although the origin of the plant is organically cultivated to obtain the final ingredient, the oil or butter lack the Organic Certification Seal itself.  This is due to the lengthy and costly process that the farmer/manufacturer is unable to afford.

Certified OrganicThese are ingredients we carry when it is not feasible to find wild harvested, which is our preference. These ingredients are often made from organically certified cultivated crops and carry the organic certification seal itself from the manufacturer*.


3– Colors, Textures and Scents

Wild Harvest Botanicals is a source for manufacturers looking for unprocessed, raw, and virgin ingredients.  As such, you should expect to receive the ingredients with their original colors, textures, and scents. We attempt to reproduce the colors of the ingredients as closely as possible in our images, but we cannot do the same for the textures and scents.

Please also be aware that because our virgin, raw, and natural products are unrefined, the colors, textures, and scents may vary from batch to batch based on factors such as time of harvest, soil composition, temperature, and level of moisture of the seeds during pressing time, among others. 


4 – Packaging

Wild Harvest Botanicals sells raw ingredients to manufacturers of finished cosmetics. Our packaging is designed to keep the ingredients safe while en route to the customer, not necessarily for display on a store shelf.  Most of our items are currently shipped in BPA-free and/or HDPE food-grade containers made in the U.S. Although this is not an ideal, it is the best option we have available at this time. Some butters, powders, and clays may also be shipped in food grade heat sealed BPA-free and/or HDPE food grade bags.

While smaller sizes can be shipped in glass containers (and we are currently working toward this), it is not feasible to ship larger sizes in anything other than plastic containers.  In addition, few people are unwilling to pay (sometimes double) the cost of such shipments.

Also, please keep in mind that our ingredients, fixed oils and butters, are sent to distributors either in plastic containers, or metal containers internally lined with some form of plastic by the manufacturer. Therefore, thinking about not having your ingredients in contact with any plastic at some time during the distribution chain is not realistic.

Lastly, please note that we are offering fixed oils and butters, not essential oils.  When compared to essential oils, which have a separate packaging requirement due to their tendency to be corrosive and function as corrosion accelerators to plastic, the risk of corrosion with these oils and butters is nil.


6- Shelf Life

Our products have a standard minimum shelf life of one year after purchase.  With most of our ingredients, their shelf life can be 2 to 3 years from the date of manufacture.  We have a secure time frame of up to 12 months from the manufacturing date to put the ingredient in the final consumer's hands. To ensure the shelf life of ingredients with "at least" an 18-month shelf life, we buy these ingredients according to our sales history.  As a result, we can assure you that your product will have a minimum of a 1 year shelf life from the date of purchase.  Your product may very well extend its shelf life by more than one year, but we will always maintain a standard of a minimum of one year shelf life (unless otherwise specifically stated in the product descriptions or in the case of a sale or discount, which would also be clearly stated and identified as such).


*Ingredients sold by Wild Harvest Botanicals that are stated Certified Organic are sourced from manufacturers who hold the Organic Certification. This Certificate is provided by the manufacturer to WHB when ingredients are shipped to us. Since the Certificate doesn't belongs to WHB, we are NOT allowed to pass a copy of this Certificate to customers. To be able to provide an Organic Certificate to our customers we would need to hold an Organic Certificate Handler. To get an Organic Certificate Handler would require us to go through a lengthy and costly process, that must be repeated every year. To us its a process that would not justify the investment at this time. Therefore, if you really need to have a certificate we are not able to provide at this time.