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 1 - Products

 Celebratio Vitae Organics is a supplier of UNREFINED INGREDIENTS. WHOLE INGREDIENTS for cosmetic manufacturing .It means our ingredients are mechanically expelled and processing in a way that does not go beyond of pressing and filtered.

 We do not sell ingredients which have been submitted to any type of refining process to remove what is considered “impurities” by modern consumers. Such “impurities” are what make the functionality an oil different from other. These “impurities” are where the specific healing properties of an oil reside.

 Characteristics of oils such as color, odor, and taste are removed in a series of steps such as degumming (to remove gums), neutralizing (to remove FFA), bleaching (to remove color), deodorizing (to remove odor and taste), and dewaxing or winterization (to remove waxes). Moisture, unsaponifiables, Gums (Lecithins), Free-Fatty Acids (FFA), Waxes, and Compounds of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium are also gone during the refining process.

 The result is a bland oil that differentiates one from another only by the fatty acid content. The required natural synergy between the fatty acids and the removed “impurities” of an oil is the key to make it whole ingredient with the efficiency and efficacy to be incorporated into a premium formulation.

 Our ingredients are food grade. It means that most of them are processed in food facilities, but our line of business is Cosmetics. We do not sell ingredients to be consumed internally, either by itself or in food formulations.

 2 – Terminology

 Grown Methods

 Wild Harvested – The ingredient is extracted form plants that are NOT cultivated. They grow wild in pristine forests, prairies, swamps. The plants have no contact with pesticides, fungicides and pollution. Those are our ingredients of choice.

Sometimes, ingredients which are made from wild-harvested plants also can carry the Organic Certification Seal.

 Organically Cultivated – Ingredients are extracted from plants that are cultivated with no chemical tolerance in crops by banning artificial fertilizers. Plants are cultivated using organic natural fertilizers and farmers are encouraged to develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and clover.

 Often, these are ingredients that, although the origin of the plant is organically cultivated the final ingredient, oil/butter lack the Organic Certification Seal itself. Often due the length and costly process that the manufacturer is unable to afford.

Certified Organic – Those are ingredients we carry since they are not feasible to find wild harvested. These ingredients are often made from organically certified cultivated crops and carry the organic certification seal itself.

 3 – Colors, Textures and Scents

Celebratio Vitae Ingredients are a source for manufacturers looking for unprocessed ingredients, as as such they should expect to receive the ingredients with their original colors, textures, and scents. We try to reproduce the closest colors of the ingredients we can in pictures, but we can not do the same for textures and scents.

 Please, be also advised that as for being unrefined colors, textures, and scents can change from batch to batch depending on time of harvesting, soil composition, temperature, level of moisture of the seeds during pressing time among others. If you have any questions we are willing to discuss with your further either by phone or email.

 4 – Packaging

 Celebratio Vitae Organics sells RAW Ingredients for manufacturing. Packaging are intended to hold the ingredient safely, not fancily. We use either BPA Free, HDPE food grade containers made in the USA to ship most of our products. Although is not an ideal, it is the best alternative we have available. Butters, powders, and clays may also be shipped in Food Grade heat sealed bags.

 Please, bare in mind that, even with high cost it is possible to ship small sizes in glass containers, but it is not feasible to ship larger sizes in other that plastic containers, besides, very few people is willing to pay very often double of the price for such.

 Also remember ingredients – fixed oils - are shipped by the manufacturer to the distributors either in plastic containers, or metal containers internally lined with some sort of plastic. Therefore thinking about not having your ingredients in contact with plastic in some time during the distributing chain is not real.

 Also to consider that we are here talking about fixed oils, which the danger of corrosion is the bare minimum, compared to Essential oils which have a different packaging requirement due to the ability of being corrosive and act as corrosion accelerators to plastic.

 5- Shelf Life

 The standard shelf life for our products is 1 year after purchased. It means that since the ingredients have in most cases from 2-3 years from the manufacturing date we have a secure time frame up to 12 months from the manufacturing date to put the ingredient in the final consumer hands. To control shelf life of ingredients with 18 months shelf life we buy these ingredients according to our sales history, therefore we can assure your product will have a minimum of 1 year shelf life from the date you purchase it.

 6 - Documents

Celebratio Vitae is able to provide documents pertaining to the ingredients that are either manufactured or sourced from another suppliers. If you need product SDS and or Specifications, please contact us at

7 – Disclosure

 Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. Products bought from this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. Thank you!