Celebratio Vitae Organics was in need of a new chapter in her life that left her unable to continue her dedicated, full-time, day-to-day work in this cherished company.  As a long time customer of CVO (about 8+ years) and a firm believer in this company, the owner, the products, and the purity of the ingredients, I was dejected to learn of her early and unexpected retirement.  As I pleaded with her not to leave us, the concept for a new company - Wild Harvest Botanicals - was born, enabling us to continue providing you with the perfect ingredients we have grown to rely on.

Wild Harvest Botanicals LLC will continue Celebratio Vitae Organic's brilliant work, and we will continue to provide you with the finest quality ingredients and products.  It is with an unyielding commitment that we will maintain the same wild-harvested, virgin, unrefined butters, oils, and clays in our inventory.  Considering our skin is the largest organ in and on our bodies, why would we put anything on it that would absorb and penetrate that protective skin barrier, including any element that may be harmful or toxic to our health?  By using these precious gifts provided by plants, herbs, and trees since the beginning of time, we instead provide our skin and hair with the nourishment, hydration, and protection it needs.

We will continue to nurture and maintain the current relationships with our leading suppliers and farmers from all over the world, and offer you the most competitive pricing for your formulation needs.  We will continuously research and source new and exciting ingredients to meet all of our growing and curious needs, while always maintaining and prioritizing the same high standards to which we all have become accustomed.