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From of the lush pristine forests of Chile to the Brazilian Amazon, from Africa to India, Japan, China and Madagascar. The most exotic and healing ingredients used by local populations as both a nutritious food source and tools for healing the body and the spirit.

Celebration Vitae -  Latin for Celebration of Life – was founded with the commitment to bring you premium simple, safe, yet powerfully effective wholesome, raw, and pure nutrient-rich ingredients so you can perfect your own line of wholesome skin/bath/spa products.

Our ingredients are never processed beyond the pressing and filtering, so to best preserve the healing benefits of the fresh plant. All of our plant material has been organically grown or wild-harvested and has never been in contact with chemicals, from harvesting to bottle. 

The pursuit of sustainability and environmental conservation efforts to preserve the remains of the wild forests while offering customers clean raw materials is a philosophy Celebratio Vitae pursues. We hope you enjoy known the range of oils and butters we sustainably  either produce from Brazilian Forests or those sourced around the world.

Free from chemical-based preservatives or lab made, synthetic fragrances, processed in small batches during harvesting season, a technique that also retains the most beneficial properties of the ingredients .

Our ingredients are sourced directly from small producers and cooperatives around the world, especially those organized to empower women and improve women’s social and economic capacities.  Our purchasing practices not only allow us to obtain the freshest and purest ingredients, they also support and promote the practice of Fair Trade, because we truly believe we can add more than hope to people's lives.

You will be amazed by the results when you use our whole, raw, unrefined oils and butters. The luxurious textures, bright, happy colors, and purity of our raw materials will allow you to create unique, safe products with superb healing properties that your customers will love. 

We are continuously researching and discovering new great ingredients. If you would like to order a product we do not currently offer or if you have any questions, please contact us at

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